• Kanna’s Selection (minimum for 2 persons) £11.45

The best combination of our appetizers; chicken satay, vegetable spring rolls, chicken on toasts, prawns cakes and king prawn tempuras served with a variety of  sauces. Excellent Value!

  • Aromatic Duck (minimum for 2 persons) Quarter £9.95, Half £17.95

Oriental style, crispy shredded duck, accompanied by cucumber, spring onions and Hoi Sin sauce.

  •  Hoi Pad Kang Kiew Wan £5.95

Moules Thai style, New Zealand mussels stir- fried in creamy green curry sauce, lemon grass,
onions, chilli and herbs.

  •  Kanom Jeep (Thai Dim Sum) £4.95

Steamed minced prawns, chicken and water chestnut wrapped in wonton pastry, topped with garlic sauce and served with light soya vinaigrette dressing.

  • Sabai Nang £5.95

Grilled king prawns topped with Chef’s creation; salad cream and tangy dressing.

  • Satay Kai £4.95 (Popular)

Succulent marinated char-grilled chicken skewers served with peanut sauce.

  • Seafood Tempura £6.25

Medley of seafood; prawns, squid, fish, mussel and fish ball in batter, deep fried until crispy,
served with our sweet chilli sauce.

  • Po Pia Phed £5.25 (Popular)

Giant spring rolls filled with roasted duck and vegetables, served with Hoi Sin sauce.

  •  Tord Mun Koong £5.25

Prawns cakes in bread crumbs, deep fried until golden brown and served with sweet chilli sauce.

  • Crazy wings £4.95

Marinated chicken wings coated with our own recipe sweet & sticky tamarind sauce.

  • Silly Ribs £4.95

Marinated spare ribs in garlic, black pepper sauce, sprinkled with red chilli and spring onions.

  •  Whitebait £5.25

Deep fried Whitebait with garlic, black pepper and sea salt.

  • Steamed Scallop each £2.95

Steamed scallop topped with seafood chilli dressing.

  • Kanom Pang Nah Kai £4.95

Deep fried chicken on toast with sesame seeds on top, served with sweet chilli sauce.

  •  Prawns Cracker £2.00

Served with sweet chilli sauce.

  •  150)Hor Thong £5.95

Crispy pastries rolled with marinated king prawns and vegetables, served with sweet chilli sauce.