Kanna’s Recommended Dishes

  • 44) Masaman Ka Kae £13.50

Lamb shank in mild Masaman curry with potatoes, carrots, peanuts and coconut cream sauce.

  • 45) Siam Yim (Tiger Smile) £10.25 (New)

Sizzling hot plate of Sirloin beef with black pepper, red & green peppers and spring onions.

  • 46) Phed Ma Karm £9.50

Duck breast topped with special flavoured of tamarind sauce, on the side with cashew nuts and pineapple slices, quite mild.

  • 47) Phed Kee Mao (Drunken Duck) £9.50

Stir-fried duck with chilli, long beans, basil leaves, bamboo shoots, lemongrass and lime leaves 3ith dashes of whisky, relatively hot.

  • 48) Moo Krob Nam Peung £8.50 (Popular)

Crispy pork topped with honey sauce served with Pak Choi.

  • 49) Moo Pah Pad Ped £10.95

Wild boar stir-fried with red curry paste, chilli, long beans, bamboo shoots and Thai sweet basil leaves, quite spicy.

  • 50)Kai/Neau Pad Takrai £8.25

An optional of chicken or beef, stir-fried with lemongrass, chilli and sweet basil leaves.

  • 500) Kai Tord Song Kreung £8.50

Crispy chicken breast topped with basil leaves, onions, garlic and long beans in spicy sauce.